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Multi-Function Vertical Socket

    1. US Standard Vertical Socket

      This vertical socket is endowed with over-load protection and one-button reset, resulting in prolonged service life. Dual USB charger ports are compatible with your iPhone, iPad and other smart phones and microcomputers.

    1. EU Standard Vertical Socket

      We deploy one independent switch on each layer for socket control, resulting in maximized energy saving and operation safety. Over-load protection is available to our power socket tower. Moreover, one-button reset makes everything smooth and easy.

    1. Universal Vertical Socket

      Dual USB charging ports are well-suited for your iPhones, iPads and other cell phones and microcomputers. Our power extension tower intelligently and precisely identifies current of each electronic device, ensuring safe charging.

Our multi-function vertical socket emerges as the perfect power solution to moderns needs for space efficiency and convenience. With the rapid development of household appliances, electrical sockets are used more frequently and needed in large amount. Traditional method is no longer capable of accommodating this demanding challenge.

Our tower plug extension is vertically deployed to offer exceptional efficiency of sockets. Each one works independently. In order to achieve more stability, we introduce insulated non-slip mat to the base. In addition, compact structure delivers elegant touch to your living environment which is impossible for traditional sockets.

1. We adopt high-end industrial PC to offer outstanding flame retardant and elegant appearance. International standard multi-core power lines and connection wires are available to the interior structure. Silver contact switch is incorporating with phosphorous bronze plate, thus preventing electric arc and heating.
2. This vertical power dock meets your fashion needs in every design detail. Sockets are deployed on four sides to further improve efficiency.
3. Independent switch controls sockets on each layer, thus minimizing energy consumption.
4. Over-load protection is available for our tower plug extension. One-button reset ensures prolonged service life in a holistic approach.
5. Dual 5V 2.1A USB charger ports are compatible with your iPhone,iPad and other smart phones and microcomputers. This extension socket intelligently and precisely identifies current of each electronic device, ensuring safe charging.

Our tower plug extension falls into US Standard type, EU Standard type and Universal type.

SHIN-ETSU INDUSTRY is a major manufacturer and supplier of power extension tower in China. Our company is located in Shenzhen which provides us with convenient transportation. Therefore, we can deliver our tower plug extension to you in time. In addition, we establish long term cooperative relationship with material suppliers, which helps reduce our material purchasing cost. Therefore, we can provide electrical sockets at reasonable prices.

If you have any need, please contact us directly. We look forward to cooperating with you. Thank you.