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Plug Adapter

    1. US Standard Plug Adapter

      The US standard plug adapter is endowed with compact structure yet practical functions. We adopt environment friendly ABS material and top-ranking brass to manufacture our electrical plug adapter.

    1. European Standard Plug Adapter

      This adaptor plug works perfectly in various countries covering Germany, France, Austria, Indonesia, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Korea, etc.

    1. UK Standard Plug Adapter

      We adopt environment friendly materials to fabricate this travel accessory. Well-conceived design is responsible for ensured safety, because we deploy screws at the bottom to lock connected plugs.

    1. Australian Standard Plug Adapter

      We utilize environment friendly ABS and quality brass to fabricate the travel power adapter. This outlet adaptor is amazingly distinguished by resistance against fire, moisture and high temperature. Pins are allowed to be rotated as US and Australian pins.

    1. Universal Plug Adapter

      With the aid of this universal travel adaptor, you are allowed to readily connect your electronic products to mains power in any countries around the world. Our universal plug adapter converts the power outlet only, so it doesn't convert electrical output current and voltage.

    1. World Travel Adapter

      Our plug adaptor delivers a wide array of applications in over 150 countries covering Asia, Europe, America, Australia and the Middle East, etc. This travel plug doest not convert voltage and is practically designed to work with digital camera, charger, PDA, disc player, laptop and razor, etc.

SHIN-ETSU INDUSTRY plug adapter emerges as advanced portable power product that converts power plug from one standard into another standard, for there are various plus standards around the world, such as Chinese standard, US standard, European standard, UK standard and South African standard, etc. Therefore, we practically design our power outlet adapter to ensure that you are at ease while travelling.

Our plug adapter is meticulously fabricated in absolute tune with all kinds of standards. With the commitment to most flexibility, our travel adapter plug is mainly available as US plug adapter, China plug adapter, UK plug adapter, Australian plug adapter, international plug adapters, and more.

As a China plug adapter manufacturer, SHIN-ETSU INDUSTRY provides a comprehensive range of charger adapter plug and more. Due to our consistent focus on quality, our electrical plug adapters have obtained CE certificates, and our company has been ISO9001 certified as well. In addition, our travel accessories are economically priced because we greatly reduced our production cost for our easy acquisition of abundant labors and sea transportation.

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