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Universal Plug Adapter

The universal plug adapter is used to interchange plugs and sockets from disparate standards. With the aid of this universal travel adaptor, you are allowed to readily connect your electronic products to mains power in any countries around the world.

Our universal plug adapter converts the power outlet only, so it doesn’t convert electrical output current and voltage. However, independent USB comes with voltage converting function, thus making this worldwide travel adaptor compatible with low power electrical appliances such as cell phones, digital cameras, MP3/MP4/MP5, GPS, DV and portable power bank, etc.

Color: Black/White
Material: Environment friendly ABS and brass
Rated Voltage: 250V

Classifications of the Universal Plug Adapter

1. XY-CT-017 Universal Power Plug
Capability: Universal to US standard plug
Compatible with Taiwan, Japan, USA, Canada, Philippines, China and Thailand, etc.
Features: standard plug outlet: two flat prongs/China/US/Japan
Rated Current: 10A
Size: 45×35×27.6
Weight: 25g

2. XY-CT-018 Universal Plug Adapter
Jack Socket: Universal socket, compatible with all kinds of pins
Plug Outlet: UK standard 3 squared pins
Features: All kinds of plug pins can be changed into UK standard 3 squared pins plug
Rated Current: 13A
Size: 50.7×36.4×36.2
Weight: 32g

3. XY-CT-019 Universal Plug Adapter
Capability: Universal into Australian and Chinese standard plug
Compatible with China, Australia and New Zealand
Rated Current: 10A
Size: 47.2×36.4×35
Weight: 27g

4. XY-CT-020 Universal Plug Adapter
Capability: Indian standard (small South African standard) plug adapter
Compatible with India
Rated Current: 10A
Size: 57.3×36.2×36.2
Weight: 41g

SHIN-ETSU INDUSTRY is a major manufacturer and supplier of universal plug adapter in China. We run our company in strict accordance with ISO9001 international quality system and ISO14001 international environmental management system. Therefore, all of our world travel adaptors are produced in strict compliance with international standard, and customers can feel secure in purchasing.

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